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The main idea of temporary assignement of employees is to use flexible power according to an actual need. When You need to employ a number of workers on a limited time or You need to react flexibly to the volume of production and to requests of employees and You do not want to produce the products for stocks, this service is the only solution how to satisfy demands of the market and productivity of work.

It is also possible, that the region in which your production line is located has already exhausted its man-power potencial, it means the possibility of using of temporarily assigned employees of the agency, that are from this region.

You do not need to worry about the illnesses of Your employees or about epidemy, because thanks to temporary assignement of the workers You can replace them quickly.

Temporary assignement of the workers should be understood as complex services, thanks to which You do not need to make lenghty procedures of advertisenments, job interviews, recruitment and laying off employees and You can guarantee fulfilment of Your obligations to Your business partners. The agency signs the common contracts of employment with the chosen candidates for work, assigns them to a particular job position to the client and then pays them the salary for the work from the position of employer. Our agency takes care of its employees, arranges accommodation and transport during the time of work. Authorized personnel takes care of the employees, they communicate with them and help them to solve everyday problems.

The usage of the temporal employment services saves your financial resources the employee is flexibly ready to Your disposal whenever he/she is needed.

Be modern also in planning of the potential of the working power.

We will guarantee you employees for any working positions in:

- electrical industry
- electronic industry
- production of furniture
- food industry
- in car industry and production of car components
- welder
- metalworker
- varnisher
- car plumber
- other professions

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